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compact-disc-binary-planet-hypercube-unic6- submarine-broadcasting-irrealist_art_film_editions

recording 2014- 2016

by UNIC6 [ Electroacoustic Universal Art Music ]

22 freeestyle improvisation tracks / 13 musicians and visual artists involved / 2 years collaborations

A creative tribute, an answer/action against terrorism and to remind us our common friends artists, art curator and musicians that disapeared too soon. Harvey Cropper, Mamie Hyatt, Duncan Lawson, Clifford Jackson, Marcos Quintana, Jerry Harris, Olver Reyes, Kartjan Slettemark, Herbert Gentry, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, …

* Frédéric Iriarte [France] Guitar, FX electronic sounds and remix, bass, saxophone, piano, keyboard, percusssions
* Santiago Jimenez Borges [Cuba] Violin, keyboard, piano
* Thomas Berglund [Sweden] Lead guitar
* Erickson Peña [Chile] Trumpet, flute, percussions, melodica, vocal
* Albert Fichter [Germany] Poem, saxophone, flute, vocal
* Jair-Rôhm Parker Wells [USA] Contra bass, bass
* Altanuula Baldan [Mongolia] Vocal, saxophone
* Barry Berook [Sweden] Vocal, guitar
* Fredrik Cederblad [Sweden] Accordion
* Joachim Hafergut [Germany] Keyboard, piano
* Pia Jämtvall [Sweden] Vocal
* Harvey Tristan Cropper [USA] Vocal
* Mamie Hyatt [USA] Vocal

Didicated to my mom Simone

UNIC6 Published on BandCAmp

Download the presentation in pdf format [1 807 KB]:

New released !

Now avalable on spotify, Itunes, E-Music and others …



Performed by:

Frédéric Iriarte [France] Compositions, guitar, FX electronic sounds and remix, bass, saxophone, keyboard, percusssions.
Erickson Peña [Chili] Trumpet, flute, percussions, melodica, vocal
Santiago Jimenez Borges [Cuba] Violin, keybord, piano
Thomas Berglund [Sweden] Guitar
Albert Fichter [Germany] Saxophone, flute, vocal
Diego Vignola [Argentina] Bass

Download the released material: Broschyr-DVD-UNIC6-Irrealist-ART-Editions

Album: SPACE TOWN  recording 2010- 2012 Part 1 and Part 2

Dream-works [4´53´´] [9 176kb] [ 256 kbps] [mp3]
Fight the Right Way-Fight Nice [5´37´´] [10 534 kb] [256 kbps] [mp3]
Wonderfull-54-Street [5´40´´] [10 628 kb] [256 kbps] [mp3]
Space-Latino [3´38´´] [6 818 kb] [256 kbps] [mp3]
Space-Town [8´22´´] [15 514kb] [256 kbps] [mp3]
Rapakala [5´46´´] [10 844 kb] [256 kbps] [mp3]
The-Swing-Step-Reversed [6´58´´] [13 066 kb] [ 256 kbps] [mp3]
37 Street-Notown-Trompette [5´08´´] [9 636 kb] [256 kbps] [mp3]
Freedrive [8´50´´] [16 566 kb] [256 kbps] [mp3]
Gong [3´41´´] [6 936 kb] [256 kbps] [mp3
Los Gatos [4´26´´] [8 344 kb] [256 kbps] [mp3]
Jam-rocket-Barry [6´24´´] [12 026 kb] [256 kbps] [mp3]
Volados [4´55´´] [9 248 kb] [256 kbps] [mp3]
Free Conversation [5´20´´] [9 464 kb] [256 kbps] [mp3]
Steps-forword-remix1 [7´00´´] [13 128 kb] [256 kbps] [mp3]
Sax Town and Violin [7´44´´] [14 520 kb] [256 kbps] [mp3]

Performed by:

  • Frédéric Iriarte Guitar, electronic sounds and remix, bass, saxophone, piano, keyboard, darbuka, bongos, triangel, vocal, FX and arrangmen
  • Erickson Peña Trumpet, flute, percussions, melodica, vocal
  • Santiago Jimenez Violin, guitar, piano
  • Thomas Berglund Guitar solo
  • Barry Berook Engström Vocal
  • Albert Fichter Vocal, poem, flute, saxophone
  • Diego Vignola Bass

Guest artist :

  • Duncan Lawson Saxophone
  • Poe Jatta Percussion
  • Fifty Razak Vocal
  • Igor Boyko Bass
  • Altanuula Baldan Saxophone, vocal
  • Shuree Purev Vocal

Irréaliste Art Film & Music Recording Studio & Production, JÄRNA Stockholm, Sweden

_____________________________________________________________________________ N.B ! Photos,   text and proposals can not be used, copied, reproduced or distributed without the written permission of the authors! Irrealist Art Edition, UNIC6 or Frédéric Iriarte send a request to For reasons of environmental interest do not print this document.


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