An Interview with Pia Jämtvall « About UNIC6 Art Music Project »

An Interview with Pia Jämtvall, visual artist and joik singer

« About UNIC6 Art Music Project »

At Frédéric Iriarte´s and Pia Jämtvall´s artists studios in Järna and at Harvey Cropper´s artist studio in Stockholm (Sweden)

Performance by
Santiago Jimenez Borges, Poe Jatta, Lefifi Tladi, Frédéric Iriarte, Bongwong Ambrose Mengnjo, Melvyn Price, Fifty Razak, Siida Tourye, Nwapa Alban, Erickson Peña and others.

Listen to the latest Album
UNIC6 [Electroacoustic Universal Art Music]

Published on
Spotify, E-Music, ITunes, RecordUnion, Soundcloud, Amazon. EMusic and others
Produced by Irrealist Art, Film & Music Editions
Film/photography/sound-remix Frédéric Iriarte

Irrealist Art Film Production is the publisher and the copyright holder of the film, documentation and photos.
Study materials can be used freely in the areas of : Education, training workshops for teachers, leaders of study groups, universities and education in general.

Any commercial use is strictly reserved to the publisher
Irréaliste Art Editions.

Buy the Music on

______________________________________________________________________N.B.! Photos, text and proposals can not be used, copied, reproduced or distributed without the written permission of the authors! Irrealist Art Editions, UNIC6 or Frédéric Iriarte send a request to For reasons of environmental interest do not print this document.

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