Performance At The Artist´s Studio by members of UNIC6 [ Electroacoustic Universal Art Music ]

Performance At The Artist´s Studio
UNIC6 performed by
Frédéric Iriarte (France) Guitar/Fx/Production
Erickson Peña (Chili) Percussions/Melodica
Albert Fichter (Germany) Saxophone
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June 2016 in Järna (Stockholm) Sweden
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UNIC6 [ Electroacoustic Universal Art Music ]

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Spotify, E-Music, ITunes, RecordUnion, Soundcloud, Amazon. EMusic among others
Produced by Irrealist Art, Film & Music Editions
Film/photography/sound-remix Frédéric Iriarte

Irrealist Art Film Production is the publisher and the copyright holder of the film, documentation and photos.
Study materials can be used freely in the areas of : Education, training workshops for teachers, leaders of study groups, universities and education in general.

Any commercial use is strictly reserved to the publisher
Irréaliste Art Editions.

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______________________________________________________________________N.B.! Photos, text and proposals can not be used, copied, reproduced or distributed without the written permission of the authors! Irrealist Art Editions, UNIC6 or Frédéric Iriarte send a request to For reasons of environmental interest do not print this document.

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