INVITATION Release Event on Facebook ! Double album “UNIC6 TOTAL RECALL” 1st November 2017

TOTAL RECALL Electroacoustic Universal Experimental Improvisation Art Music.
Double album release the 1st November 2017

This double album is the result, the fruit of multidisciplinary and international Art, Music, and Film projects calling for the participation of different artists, different cultures and backgrounds for there qualification and talent.

Improvisational experimentation music joined in collective music creations and art expressions, interacting in various digital and electronic mediums, as well as acoustic forms and shapes creations.

UNIC6 Art Music Project has 5 published albums (often double albums) produced by IRREALIST ART EDITIONS in Stockholm (Sweden).This joint venture/adventure has grown into an international level showing the interaction of cultural expressions and coveted possibilities.

The thematic of this album is based on several recalls from especially selected musicians, poets, photographers, art makers, and producers that lift up the essence of the project.

An elevation from the tophet (underground) to paradise (in the cosmos) sustains the ensuing emanation & spirituality of our common communicative tools, beyond any known genres or styles.
A new mix of music is born through this constellation livening up to todays expectations. Outside the box forever flowing, all the senses are awakened by sounds, noises, lights, pictures, and movements which are the ingredients of this palpable energy.

A zoological wild jungle of expressions and sensations either in the city, in the nature or in a space divided by mercy.

A free celebration of music without limits, without preconceived ideas, just a exchange of creativity for the pleasure of mankind without any blatant or separative distinction.

For us AI = Artistical Intelligence, a non political, philosophical, existential, ecological, and of course, an ingenuity of creative environments with communication within all different levels and aspirations.

Featuring Artists :
* Rodrigo Passannanti (UK/Italy) HYPECUBE Sound FX, Audio Mastering
* Juan Carlos Jimenez (Cuba/Sweden) CUBAJAZZJUANQUY Keyboard, Piano & Sound FX
* Frédéric Iriarte (France/Sweden) UNIC6/PHRASEJAZZ Guitar, Saxophone, Bass, Jew´s Harp, Harmonica, Melodica, Flute, Percussions, Xylophone, Compositions, Remix & Sound FX, Editing
* Santiago Jimenez Borges (Cuba/Sweden) UNIC6 Violin, Piano, Contrabass
* Erickson Peña (Chile/Sweden) UNIC6 Trumpet, Flute, Percussions, Melodica
* Pèninșolar (Elsewhere) Sound FX , Synthesizer & Other Instrumentation, Editing
* Marque Gilmore (USA/UK/Sweden) INNA.MOST NORD DRUM 2, Electronic Percussions
* Bengt O Björklund (Sweden) POETRY PERFORMANCE Stab In The Dark series

 Special Thanks to Robert Hale and Bettina David-Fauchier for there photographies

______________________________________________________________________N.B.! Photos, text and proposals can not be used, copied, reproduced or distributed without the written permission of the authors! Irrealist Art Editions, UNIC6 or Frédéric Iriarte send a request to For reasons of environmental interest do not print this document.

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