Great review of Ear Candy : Notes on the Psychedelic Properties of Sound. Album « BINARY PLANET » by HYPERCUBE [ Rodrigo Passannanti ] & UNIC6 [ Frédéric Iriarte ]

Great review of Ear Candy (Wil Claeys Music critic): Notes on the Psychedelic Properties of Sound.
A reference and archive of psychedelic music reviews, interviews with artists, sound design tips and tricks, and much more !

Source Ear Candy : 

Today marks the release day of a brilliant collaboration between two incredible musicians, the enigmatic cyber wizard Hypercube (Rodrigo Passannanti) and multi-instrumentalist UNIC6 (Frédéric Iriarte), both on the forefront of boundary pushing, genre defying music creation. Their brainchild, Binary Planet, represents a culmination of experimental techniques, ancient sound technology, and rich storytelling, told through the opposite perspectives of both acoustic and electronic structures. Both freeform and precise, contemporary and avant-garde, chaotic and ordered, all simultaneously transmitted in one synchronistic multi-dimensional ballet of artistic mayhem. A portal if you will, to a deep recess, a dark crevice, to the inner sanctum of your minds perceptual eye, revealing boundless multi-dimensionality.

Aphobic Context begins the dream with thick atmospheres, assorted sonic input being expertly woven in and out of the musical tapestry. Almost feeling as if on a crowded subway, the density bears down heavily all around, snippets of lives happening, the awareness is intoxicating. As the train fails to stop at your normal stop, you realize that things may not be as they seem. Terminal gloss is a taste of the other side, the first stop into your subconscious city of mind, with a heavier showcase on sound design and unorthodoxity. A flute innocuously appears, as if to keep a foot in the former reality, while stretching outwards to the outer confines of possibility. As the final semblances of normalcy fade into the distance, Offline Retina kickstarts the machine back into full operation, this time descending deeper, farther, to unknown depths of unfathomable construct. The descent is represented with falling blocks of sound, rotating and stacking to create very detailed holographic scenery, as Vortex Illusion reveals even the bottom to be just a fading figment of memorial decompression.

Suddenly a glimmer of something familiar, an airy voice floating in front of you, leading you into the Acrobatic World, uncovering geometries of logic defying structure, containing mechanisms far beyond simple comprehension. Synergistic syncopation abounds, and time itself becomes an illusion. The threshold has been crossed, minds caressed by the probing Flexipatch, as it sublimely tunes your consciousness to the new frequency, giving you new awareness… Welcome to the new you, courtesy of Hypercube and UNIC6.

Ear Candy 2019 (Wil Claeys Music critic):

SPFX Sound Design  4.8/5
Bass Sound Design  4.4/5
Spatial Sound Design  4.8/5
Percussive Structure  4.5/5
Melodic Structure  4.5/5

Total Immersion Score:   23/25  92%

Overall Comments:

Binary Planet is the sonic recreation of your subconscious processing your experiences while you sleep, as if you were able to slow down the process and float amidst it’s analysis and sorting mechanisms. An anomalous organism, pulsing with life and expression, slithering it’s way into your reality machine, contaminating the code and shattering the veil, opening the door to the abyss and beckoning you into it’s warm embrace. Abstract expression meets hyper-modern futurism, delivered in one cohesive bundle of synchronized chaos.

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Album « BINARY PLANET » by HYPERCUBE [ Rodrigo Passannanti ] & UNIC6 [ Frédéric Iriarte ]
Release by Submarine Broadcasting Company [ LONDON ]
Saturday January 19th 2019 on all music platforms and Compact Disc.


* Guitar, Contrabass, Flute, Saxophone, Jew’s harp, Cymbals, Percussive instruments and solo Keyboard by Frédéric Iriarte (UNIC6)

* Computer programming, arrangements, compositions, production and mastering by Rodrigo Passannanti (HYPERCUBE)

* Flute on track 2 by Marino Zappellini

* Vocal effects on track 5 by Metalique

* UNIC6 [ Frédéric Iriarte ] :
* HYPERCUBE [ Rodrigo Passannanti ] :
* Submarine Broadcasting Company :

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